About Business Thinking Institute

We seek to help, support, inspire and glorify Small and Midsize Businesses (SMEs/SMBs) - the engines that drive every economy - to help them become more successful.

We are a group of people who recognize the importance of the small and midsize companies (SMB/SME) - in any economy - and seek to help more of them succeed. As a group, we have worked in small, medium and large companies in various operational roles. Our advisors who have guided our thinking and the development of this site have been steeped in SMBs for decades.

The various items in the gift store seek to INSPIRE, PROMOTE & ENGAGE small and medium businesses and those that are affected by them – vendors, buyers, members of the governments, academics, media, students, union officials and the communities in which they are situated.

The purpose of this gift store is to primarily help business achieve their objectives – grow revenues, profitability, find capital and many more.

We seek to promote businesses.

The purpose of this gift store is to also engage the various stakeholders who can help businesses achieve their objectives. That could mean engaging the unemployed who can bring new skills to these companies while also helping themselves.

We will selectively choose causes that directly affect businesses or indirectly affect them – by affecting their stakeholders. For example, we promote 'Expand Across U.S.A.' as it is a logical way to help businesses grow revenues, help suppliers grow their revenues, help unemployed people - whether underemployed, seniors, veterans fresh graduates, 'stay-at-home Moms' returning to the workforce - get employment. It's win-win!!!!

"The great impact of businesses on society is not limited to their charity but to their very presence - operations that bring jobs, the capital they attract, the people they bring into communities, the infrastructure they build and spur, supplier networks they create and the innovation that fuels the mind."
Ram V. Iyer